Truly lovely cross over classical music by a brilliant composer.  This music will marvelously fill in the background whilst you work at your job or hobbies.  It is also a very relaxing collection of sounds for those long drives to the Rockies.

All compositions by Gertjan Zwiggelaar

Amsterdammer’s Pro Harmonic Orchestra.

Recorded at Tyger Recording Studio, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.



  • A Concert for God.  7:07
  • A Celtic Aire for Bassoon, Flute & Harp.  5:44
  • It’s a Beautiful Day.  13:11
  • A Sonata for Harp, Flutes, Marimba & Other Percussions.  14:38
  • A Marvelous Piece in E flat Major.  20:32
  • Harp & Flute Concerto in E flat Major.  15:04

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