The Liner Notes

  • A LOVELY DISCOVERY.   13:32  Gertjan was poking about in a Logic Pro X file which was not completed.  Upon hearing what was already there, he set about completing this lovely piece.  It was finished sometime in November, 2016.
  • RHAPSODY IN YELLOW.  14:20  ‘This is one of my favorite of the seven colour rhapsodies.  Let me know what you think.’
  • CONCERTO FOR ENGLISH HORN in B flat Major.   29:16  The English Horn produces such a lovely sound; the colour of which adds such luminescence to an orchestral piece.  I so love that key, as well.
  • A SONATA IN F MAJOR.  14:38  This is for Harp, Marimba, Other percussion, and FLUTES, lovely flutes.  What would we do if there were no flutes in the world?  Have you ever heard a Muslim play a flute?  Have you seen and heard the Muslim Symphonic Orchestra?  Do Muslims even know how to appreciate intelligent music beyond a call to prayer by a singing Imam?  Allahu Akbar!  I digressed.  If you want to read digressions go to Down the Rabbit Hole; my column in