The Magpie Jazz Band

This is an ecclectic mix of Jazz and some programmatic music.  I had a lot of fun with the drum kits.

All compositions by

Gertjan Zwiggelaar

Magpie Jazz Band & Amsterdammer's Pro Harmonic Orchestra.

Recorded in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada in 2016.


  • A Wednesday Groove.  13:13
  • A Later Groove for Wednesday.  8:59  These two Wednesday grooves were composed on the same day in October, 2016.
  • It Gets Quiet After Midnight.  11:36  Sometimes it gets quiet.  Sometimes we hear sirens in this Jew infected town.  They so love cacophony and discordance, don't they?
  • A Piece for Brass and Percussion.  4:20  Both of these instrument groups can create big sounds.  Kaboom! and a Brrraaaappp! to you.
  • The Door to Door Salesman.  8:39. ( I have done this work and have first hand experience.  Sometimes it gets to be exciting when you make a sale.  Other times it is just hard slugging as you meet with many closed doors and bad attitudes.)
  • Grab Your Sax When TSHF?  2:49  What else do you grab?  You can throw some things into the bell; some foodstuffs perhaps.  When TSHF at least you can pretend to be a Neronian figure and play an instrument whilst the world burns.
  • Morning in the Projects.  7:44  Creak and groan of old floors and paper thin walls.  People.  Living in the projects one lives in a community and not all of them are practitioners of the Golden Rule, are they?
  • Soft Underbelly.  3:12  Imagine the strangeness of Muslim nations full of people who want to torture and murder all unbelievers.  I have first hand knowledge of their Holy Book, the Koran, having read it essentially four times in preparation for a book titled:
  • The Horror.  An In-depth Look Into the Koran.

  • Learn why Muslims will never integrate and harmonize with you in your Christian or other communities.  To the Muslim it is either their way or the Highway of Death.  Every page of the Koran is filled with admonishments from Allah to torture and murder unbelievers; those of us who do not subscribe to hive minded psychopathy.
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