Marty & Me, Another Pirate’s Tale

BY Gertjan Zwiggelaar

This story is classified as a horror adventure.

Gertjan is writing novels in many different genres; that being his modus operandi.

Marty & Me was published by America Star Books in 2012.  It is Gertjan’s fourth published novel, following hard on the heels of, A Journey to the Underside.

This unique pirate tale concerns the adventures of one, Marc Hamilton; also known as Mark Hamilton whose discarded trunk was discovered decaying in an old museum in Malaga, Spain.  Marc Hamilton scholars have catalogued the contents of the trunk amongst which was the man’s worn leather bound journal.  The ink was badly compromised due to water damage, however, they were able to utilize special technology to decipher the words.  Marty & Me is Marc’s story in modern English.  The story becomes horrible, so close your windows and lock the doors as a master wordsmith takes you into a pirate horror the like of which you have never read before.


WE ARE PRESENTLY EXPERIENCING DIFFICULTIES WITH OUR PUBLISHING HOUSE, which appears to have gone out of business.  Hence, a limited stock of this 275 page novel is available from the author.  Due to the rare nature of this book, presently, we an offer a signed copy for, $49.95 Cdn plus postage.  CONTACT US TODAY.