Music From Building 6

Compositions by Gertjan Zwiggelaar

The Amsterdammer’s Pro Harmonic Orchestra

Photo by the Author.  Buildings at Atlin, British Columbia.  This lovely, quint town sits on the shore of Atlin Lake; a huge body of water fed by glaciers.

  • Johnny’s New Flute  3:18  A flute is a good instrument to give a young child.
  • What Lovelyness 12:13  I found this unfinished piece in a file and discovered some loveliness and decided to complete the piece.
  • A Little Trip on my Camel  2:53  Yeah, well, music doesn’t always have to be serious, does it?  This is a funny little piece riding on a funny looking animal with a bad attitude.
  • They are Already Here 11:20  You had better believe it, they are here and the Contact Has Begun in earnest for a very long time already.
  • Bahama Sun  8:53  It would be loverly to go on a vacation to the Bahamas and lie about in the sun on the beach with one of those drinks in a coconut shell and with a little paper umbrella.  I can just see the glorious, tanned White Girls in their string bikinis.  I love the fact that some women can be given an inch of cloth and they come up with a bathing suit.  In praise of bikini girls everywhere.  You are admired and appreciated.  Never go the burqa route.  Just say no to the hijab and all the other silly Muslim nonsense concerning how you should dress and wear your hair.
  • Father, Thy Name is Holy  9:07  Indeed, the Name of the Father IS HOLY and ought therefore never to be sullied with blasphemy.  Swearing, using the names of the Deity not only demeans God but it demeans YOU!
  • I Walk With my Father  5:30  Every day I walk with My Father in Paradise.  Unlike a Muslim, I have a personal relationship with my creator.  Since Allah has no sons, I have no idea what the relationship of a Mohammedan is to his god.  Very strange belief system which appears to be completely the work of Talmudists; hence Satanists.
  • It’s a Beautiful Day 13:11 Every day is a beautiful day!  Make it so!  Every dark cloud has a silver lining if you will just have faith.


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