A Training Program for Automotive Sales Professionals

Our AMVIC (Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council) endorsed training program is an in-house system which has proven to be very effective.  Sales agents do not have to leave your dealership for training.  For a mere $2995 you will have 62 instantly available training modules.  The program comes with four, 100 question multiple choice examinations.  KEEP YOUR SALES STAFF ON THEIR TOES AND SELLING PRODUCTS.

Today, we have sold 12 of these programs in small and large dealerships.  'I know that is not a lot of dealerships, but it is a good market test.'  Please remember that Gertjan does a whole lot of things.  He presently completed writing his 23rd book, for example.  'I can't do everything.'  So, now that he finally has this website up, it makes it possible again to help dealerships with an inexpensive, effective training program which will save a ton of money and help generate increased sales volumes.

Red Deer Honda was the first dealership to purchase the program and immediately put it to good use.  The Sales Manager, Brandi Yurko  said,

'I bought Gertjan's program because he has made the process of training staff so simple.'

Peter Small, the General Manager at LA Mazda in Leduc, Alberta, when asked how he liked the program, came across the sales floor with both hands in the air exclaiming,

'I love it, I love it, I love it!  It's the best decision I made this year!'

Colin Parada, Sales Manager at Edward's Garage in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta told Gertjan, when he personally followed up in his office, 'this program is excellent for new hires and a great refresher for seasoned professionals.'

The owner of the two Truck Ranches; Innisfail and Sylvan Lake, Alberta said, 'I put the manual to use immediately.  A great deal for the price.'  His son, Tyson told Gertjan, 'this program is just what I have been looking for to train my sales staff.  Gertjan came at the right time.'  That was in 2012.  Since then Tyson and his father and his tight knit, loyal staff have built a powerful presence in Central Alberta.  Trucks and cars bearing the insignia of the Truck Ranches are regularly seen on the roads around Alberta.

Mike Steiner, Sales Manager at Buist Motors in Rimbey, Alberta took advantage of a great sales price opportunity we had in place at the time and was very happy with our program, stating, 'I like the simplicity of the manual.  It will be another good training reference.'

The executive director at the time of the program's launch wrote us to say, 'The spirit of (this) handbook coincides nicely with everything about the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council, (AMVIC)...I believe the handbook will be very useful to dealerships as they strive to elevate the service they provide to their customers.'  -Robert Hamilton, former exec. director, AMVIC.


  • Buist Motor Products, Rimbey, Alberta

  • Cam Clark Ford (Olds) Ltd.  Olds, Alberta

  • D.K. Ford, Leduc, Alberta

  • Edward's Garage, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

  • Innisfail Truck Ranch, Innisfail, Alberta

  • Kipp Scott Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac, Red Deer, Alberta

  • L.A. Mazda, Leduc, Alberta.

  • People come and go at car dealerships.  Jarred Abrams just renewed our agreement and is reinstituting our program at L.A. Mazda.
  • Red Deer Honda, Red Deer, Alberta

  • Sylvan Lake R.V. Sylvan Lake, Alberta

  • Sylvan Lake Truck Ranch, Sylvan Lake, Alberta

  • Integrity RV, Olds, Alberta

The managing partner, Colin Parada bought our program a second time because it is such an awesome refresher for the seasoned professionals and a perfect training program for a new hire at White Cap Chevrolet, Slave Lake, Alberta.

  • PHONE It's ABout Training Ink:

  • 403-341-4517 or 403-896-9990




Gertjan will gladly come to visit you in your office to explain how this well designed training program can work for you.

A seasoned car salesman; a former colleague of Gertjan's at Cross Town Motors in Edmonton, Alberta jokingly said, 'if a monkey could read and you gave him that manual, he would be successfully selling cars in short order.'  Gertjan has made training sales staff that simple.

When you realize that Gertjan Zwiggelaar has been selling things since he was a child it is easy to  understand why he has a good handle on this most important process.  Sales is what makes the economy of the world work.

Being highly competitive, he was always one of the outstanding sales reps who outsold most of those with whom he competed.  He spent three years in automotive sales; selling two new cars his first day on the floor at Crosstown Motors.  'I had never sold a car before in my life.'  As a commercial energy sales representative he was one of the company's top sales reps in NORAM within his first four months on the job.  In total, Gertjan has spent 10 years of his life in professional sales and has a broad and wise perspective on a very necessary and exciting endeavour.  Without sales professionals the world would not operate as well as it does.

Gertjan has also been a Professional Teacher for 20 years.  He knows how to put information on paper and how to present ideas in a manner which gets results.

Put Gertjan's expertise to work for you.


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