This marvellous CD is a compilation of Classical Cross Over music and Jazz.
All compositions by Gertjan

Amsterdammer's Proharmonic Orchestra


The Magpie Jazz Band.


  • A Wednesday Groove  13:13.  Gertjan composed this piece on a Wednesday morning, October 12, 2016.  This is one of his first compositions using a virtual keyboard.  'I had a lot of fun with the drum kit.'
  • Morning in the Projects  7:44.  When you live in the projects, you live with lots of other people, some of whom are not as considerate as others.  They have no idea about the Golden Rule and how it must be applied by everyone.
  • A Piece for Organ & Chamber Choir  11:33.  Big organs and voices make for awesome sounds.  Here is an opportunity for you to make up your own words for the voices.
  • Oh, Father Forgive Us   18:26.  We all fall short of the Glory of God.  Whosoever sincerely repents and asks for forgiveness, verily I tell you, The Father transcends the judge.  Forgiveness is His Nature.  But, only up to a point.
  • A Later Groove for Wednesday  9:04.  Composed on October 12, 2016, later in the afternoon and evening of that productive day.
  • Christmas Morning in a Wooden Apartment Building   6:02.  The title speaks for itself.
  • Children's Games  5:54.  We all have been there.  We have experienced childhood first hand.  Some games were fun and some not so much. Children can be good, but they can also be cruel.

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