An ecclectic Mix of very interesting music.

All compositions by Gertjan Zwiggelaar

Amsterdammer's Pro Harmonic Orchestra


  • It's Saturday Night and I'm With my Piano.  8:22  It happens.  Sometimes the girlfriend is not here so she becomes a piano and we dance and sing our time away.
  • Monday, December 05, 2016.  12:35  You know what a December Monday morning is like.  In this case it wasn't too bad, actually, come to think of it.
  • A Meditation in the Middle East.  23:11  The Middle East is a messed up place.  It was messed up already by Islam but then in 1948 Israel was plunked there.  The place has been in turmoil ever since.  Well, actually turmoil is endemic in Muslim places, but with Israel it became even more so.  Wouldn't you agree?
  • Sometimes it's Hard to get up in the Morning.  12:10  Some mornings are tragedy for some people.  They wonder how it is that they are even alive and still in the land of the living and would rather curl up under their shroud and stay asleep in their coffin bed.
  • The Rattlesnake Rhapsody.  14:37  The rattlesnake is the gentleman of the serpentine species in that it lets you know of its presence and clearly warns you to stay away.  Don't tread on me; that's the rattlesnake's motto.  The tambourine sounds just like that snake.
  • Johnny's New Flute.  3:13  Get your children some instruments!  Give Johnny a flute. Give Matilda a tambourine.  Let's make music together, one, two, three!

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