Search for Gold in the Frozen North

Music by Gertjan Zwiggelaar and his Pro Harmonic Orchestra.

Recorded at Tyger Recording Studio, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

The photo is of well off middle class adventurers who were able to spend a lot of money to go to the Klondike where they thought they could essentially pick up gold off the ground.  When they got there and faced the Chilcoot Trail in the photo, many turned back when they began seeing the hundreds of dead horses along the way and people not able to go any further and ready to play a harp in Heaven.

This is one of my favourite Play Lists:

  • Symphony Number Two.  35:18  The harp figures prominently behind which an orchestra of assorted strings are decorated with woodwinds.  Various instruments are featured and have their individual voices to contribute to a harmonic expression which will fill your time space with vibrations that are truly inspired.  Remember, all of the music in Gertjan's Catalogue is played by the Author. Every instrument was individually programmed and arranged by him on a Midi piano.
  • Harp & Horn Concerto in B minor.  42:03  It must be obvious by now that the Author loves the harp.  He also loves horns and flutes and fiddles and pots and pans.  Music can be made on so many instruments; even a rhythm tapped on your desk.  Music is something we do.  All human beings and the higher evolved animals who look human make music.  Even chimpanzees will beat a rhythm with a stick or honk a horn ad nausium.  All creatures love sound and the infinite variations of vibrations which can be made with sticks and stones and bones and clarinets; harps and the bass; it all adds up to make a tapestry of sounds that follow now this idea and now that; but always coming back together into major and minor themes.  Gertjan is a master arranger of instruments.  He is confident that you will find this search indeed a discovery of gold from a frozen north; that being Canada in winter.


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