A Manual for Automotive Sales Representatives

How to be a Sales Professional 24/7


The manual is divided into two parts.

Part One


Introductions: Who is who at the dealership
The Customer
A Note About AMVIC and Your Customer
A Word About You and the Dealership
Interacting With Customers
The Test Drive
Plate Screws
Choosing a Test Route
Post Test Drive Procedures
How to Fill in an Offer to Purchase (NB extra content) How to do a Proper Delivery
Ask for the sale
Successful Behaviours
Some Helpful Hints When Signing on at the Dealership The Weekly Sales Meeting
Notes about Clothing, Perfumes, and Smoking
The Tools of Your Trade
To Be A Sales Professional
Ways to Thank Customers
Bird Dog Fees, aka referral fees
Lead Generation
Taking in a Trade

Phone Manners 

Regarding Routines 

What to Avoid 

Understanding VIN s 

Locating Vehicle Identification Numbers 

Conversion Tables. Miles to Km, Cubic Inches to Litres

Pearson MacDonald’s Iron Clad Rules for Success

How to Handle Complaints 38 About Training Programs 

Part Two

An Other Way of Putting it

The Four Ps of Selling 40 Some Words About Attitude

Some Words About Enthusiasm

About Selling Yourself.

Steps  A Positive Mental Attitude = Other Peoples’ Money

What About Rejection?

Ten Tested Ways of Selling

Some More Advice Regarding the Phone (scripts)

A Quick Seven Steps to a Sale

The, Just Looking Response and How to Handle it

What About the Referral Customer?

What About the Customer Who Has Bought There Before?

More Notes Regarding Customers and How to Qualify Them

Qualifying a Customer 

A Sales Rep is Like a Journalist

The N.E.A.D.S. Formula

Tie Down Questions

Either/Or Questions

Skunking. Answering a Question With a Question

Some More Notes on Presentation

Power Words 56 Sell What is Available Today

The Upsell


Buying Signals

Much More About Closing.

Many Different Ways to Close a Sale

Objections and What to do About Them

More About the Turn Over

Some Quick Notes About Urgency

Final Words



Sample Customer Interview Sheet. What questions to ask.

Sample Offer to Purchase

Identifying Vehicle Identification Numbers