Tyger Video Productions

Specializing in low budget, high quality videos

Video production can be a very expensive process

The more people there are involved in the process, the more the costs rise.  We keep our on site staff deliberately small because with modern recording equipment high cost on site crews are not always necessary in order to obtain the video quality required.

We have many years of experience in theatre and visual arts production

We have many years of experience in performing and visual arts production and are therefore able to achieve that extra special touch which makes our videos so captivating and entertaining.



Special Requests


We’re here to help you meet your video needs.

403-341-4517 or 403-896-9990

Our Rates Are Highly Competative

High quality video with excellent production values need not cost you a fortune.  Our rates are far below industry standards.

Our Rates

Our rates begin at a mere $2000 per minute of finished product. The price descends with more air time desired.  Hence:  Two minutes will only cost you $3000 and three minutes will add only $500 more to the price.  Since we are but a small company, GST is not part of our pricing.  We are not tax collectors for a foreign owned collection agency.

If more video time is required for your special project, total prices are negotiable, depending on the project and the amount of time required to complete it.

Please contact us by phone or by email to arrange your video production needs.  If using email, please capitalize your subject line:  NEED VIDEO.

We Look Forward To Helping You Achieve Your Video Requirements

Enjoy a roaringly excellent day.